It has been a long time blog, it's time I stopped neglecting you! I love reading other peoples blogs and learning a little bit more about the lives of the creative people that I admire. You could call it being nosey, I like to call it, being interested! So here goes the second attempt at keeping up regular blog entries, so that you call learn a little bit more about me and my fledgling dressmaking business!

A brief summary:

- I moved into Cox and Baloney's vintage boutique in Cotham, Bristol. We have spent our first happy year together (!) and I am only planning on staying! I get to share their lovely customers and they get to share mine. I work (and pretty much live) in the basement - come and say hello!

-I made lots of lovely vintage style dresses, to order and to sell, and they went down a storm! This is what I have decided to focus on this year. Although there are lots of people making vintage style new dresses, there are hardly any (in the world, that I can find!) that make these dresses from vintage fabric. My dresses are therefore all unique - just the way I like it.

- My vintage fabric belts were featured in the lovely Cloth magazine - exciting!

-I worked on some wedding dresses....

...and lots and lots of other things - too many to list! 

I am so happy doing what I am doing. There is still a lot do to get the business where I want it to be but I love working hard, I love a challenge and am confident I can get there. Thinking about why I am where I am, I start to think of the inspiring women I have worked for in the past; I honestly don't think I would be here if it wasn't for all I learnt from them, in terms of technical skills and problem solving but mostly in terms of personal strength and will to succeed! In particular, Nin Castle and Clare Farrell at Goodone (www.goodone.com) where I worked as Studio manager. Orsola de Castro at From Somewhere in London. Amy and Joney who I currently work with at Cox and Baloney's - the way they juggle running a shop and a tea room with bringing up the babies inspires awe in me every day - so thanks guys for showing me that it can be done!